Pub Quizzes for Bonfire Night

Remember, Remember the fifth of November!

Not got your Bonfire Night quiz sorted yet? Don't worry - all our quizzes can be downloaded instantly!

Whether you're looking for a full quiz pack or just want a Bonfire Night themed quiz round to add to your usual quiz, we've got you covered at Instant Quizzes with Bonfire Night quizzes starting at just £1!

We've got a choice between our Bonfire Night Quiz Pack or the Bonfire Night/Halloween Combo Pack - both containing 4 themed subject rounds, one picture quiz rounds and a wipeout finale to keep things interesting right up to the end!

Or try a revamped Celebrity Guy Fawkes Picture Quiz! 20 celebrities dressed up as Guy Fawkes for Bonfire Night this year! Can you guess who's under the disguises?

Alternatively, we have and Bonfire Night Handout Quiz - no caller or quiz master needed for this one! Just give out for teams to complete in their own time - perfect!

Interested? See more at our Bonfire Night Quizzes section!

Exciting Quiz Rounds!

Wipeouts, Mystery Person, Connections, Current Affairs, Subject Rounds, and On This Day Quizzes

We've got a huge range of quiz rounds to make your pub quiz unique and exciting to the end!

Wipeouts Quizzes
Our Wipeout Rounds are the best way to end a quiz and keep everyone on their toes until the end. Teams have to try to pick 10 correct answers from 20 but if they get any wrong, they lose all their points for that round!

Where or Who am I Quizzes
Our 'Where or Who am I' quizzes needs teams to identify a mystery person or place within ten clues, but with each new clue the teams will lose a point!

Connections Quizzes
Our 'make the connection' rounds ask 9 mixed bag questions but all the answers have something in common. For the final point, teams must guess the connection!

Current Affairs Quizzes
Keep up to date with our Current Affairs rounds! We make 10 questions out of the week's biggest headlines so it's perfect for all quiz teams, veteran or new!

Subject Roun…

I'll be there for your Friends Pub Quiz!

How YOU doin'?
If you're looking for a Friends Pub Quiz, then look no further! We've got Friends quiz rounds, picture quizzes, quiz packs and a 10-round bumper quiz pack! 
Friends Bumper Quiz Pack - £8.50Round 1 - Mixed Bag10 general knowledge Friends quiz questionsRound 2 - Relationships10 questions about the major relationships in FriendsRound 3 - Animals10 questions on the animals that featured in the Friends seriesRound 4 - Main Characters10 questions all about Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey and PhoebeRound 5 - Guest Stars10 questions on the famous faces that made cameos on the show Round 6 - Places10 questions about the famous places of Friends, from Central Perk to the apartmentsRound 7 - Lines10 speakers to identify for these memorable lines!Round 8 - Recurring Characters10 questions about regular Friends supporting charactersRound 9 - Memorable Moments10 questions about the show's most memorable scenesRound 10 - Friends Wipeout!10 mixed bag questions about…

Halloween Smell Quizzes

Order yours today to avoid disappointment๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ƒ!

For a limited time only, Halloween Smell Quizzes  will be on sale at Instant Quizzes, featuring a selection of tricks and treats!

Each quiz contains 10 scents, from Apples ๐ŸŽ to Vomit๐Ÿคฎ, sealed inside test tubes, which should last up to 4 weeks if left unopened! The Halloween Trick or Treat Smell Quiz is a great way to make your Halloween shindig a night to remember! And it costs just £11.99, including postage and packaging!

The Halloween Smell Quiz will only be available until the 24th October, so you'll need to order soon if you want a Halloween Smell Quiz at your All Hallow's Eve bash! Each smell quiz takes between 5-7 working days to be processed, dispatched and delivered so make sure you leave plenty of time before your event to order!

So don't wait any longer! Order your Halloween Smell Quiz here!

Friday Quizzes Now Online!

Quiz Night, Quizzes of the Week and Current Affairs Rounds!

Some of our hottest quizzes are now online! 6 rounds of pure entertainment for less than £5!

Quiz Night for 20th Sept
Includes the following rounds: Current Affairs, Around England, Blockbusters, Trivia Trail, Connections and a General Knowledge Wipeout.

Quiz of the Week 1
With rounds on: Current Affairs, Pop Music, TV, Red, Fruit and a General Knowledge Wipeout

Quiz of the Week 2
Rounds include: Current Affairs, Blockbusters, Art, James Bond, Precious Stones and Gems and a General Knowledge Wipeout.

Current Affairs
Questions based on the week's big headlines! These are the rounds from our Quiz Night and Quizzes of the Week so don't buy them together!

Picture Quizzes
Add a little bonus round to your quiz night with one of our picture quizzes. We've got plenty of themes to choose from: Harry Potter, Dingbats, Cryptic Underground Stations, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Actors, Lead Singers and a whole lot more!

Rugby World Cup Quizzes

The Rugby World Cup 2020 starts tomorrow!

Get in the game with one of our rugby quizzes - downloadable and printable pub quizzes!

We've got Rugby Union Greats Picture Quizzes, the Rugby World Cup Handout, Rugby World Cup Team Emblems Picture Quizzes, Rugby Fundraising Scratchcards, and plenty of Rugby World Cup Quiz Rounds to pick and choose from!

Rugby World Cup Quizzes

Halloween Quizzes

Planning ahead is crucial in the hospitality business so if you're thinking about hosting a Halloween quiz, don't wait too long to get started!

Get the ball rolling by checking out what Halloween Quizzes we've got on offer.

Our Halloween Quiz Questions start from just £1 for ten questions. Add them to a regular pub quiz to give a nod to the October festival or mix and match them to build your own All Hallow's Eve quiz-extraordinaire!

However, if you're looking for a cheaper and quicker option, we've got plenty of pre-prepared quiz packs to choose from. Everything from Halloween Multiple Choice Quizzes to our epic Halloween Bumper Quiz Packs, with 10 rounds plus a bonus picture quiz! Alternatively, we also have printable handout quizzes for people to complete at their own pace.

Of course, if you're looking for something a little different then watch this space for our Halloween Smell Quizzes!

See them all at our Halloween Quiz section!

All our quizzes are ava…