World Cup Quiz Off!

Footie, footie, footie!

It's the only thing on the British mind these days now the World Cup has officially begun so why not ride the hype by throwing a World Cup quiz?

Whether you have a regular pub quiz or just want to do something a little different to draw the punters into your bar, they're  easy to set-up and great value!

Check out our quiz packs or pick 'n' mix your own subject rounds and picture quizzes!

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Once again, we bring you our fantastic weekly pub quizzes!

3 full pub quiz packs for £4 each or their separate current affairs rounds for just £1.

*Quiz Night*

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*Quiz of the Week 1*

*Quiz of the Week 2*

*QotW Current Affairs*

Quizzes for Father's Day!

It's only a week away! Don't forget to be prepared for father's day this year with your themed quiz night!

No matter who or where you are, we've got a great selection to match everyone's needs this father's day.

Father's Day Quiz Packs 

Father's Day Handouts

Father's Day Picture Quizzes

Father's Day Family Fortunes

Father's Day Quiz Questions

NEW Quiz Packs

Ready for your quiz night? No? Don't worry!

Try one of our quizzes of the week, we've got two to choose from so there's plenty for anyone!

Click here for a quiz on Art and Literature, Toys and Games, Cycling, Spies and more!

Or here for a quiz on Comic Strip Characters, Gardens, Memory, J.B.and more

Or are you looking for something a little more challenging? Then our Quiz Night is for you!
Click here for a quiz that includes Darkness, British Companies and Organisations, Alphabetical Order, Connections and that's just to start!
Or maybe you're just after something current? All our weekly quiz packs include a news round which is available to buy separately - take a look below:
Quiz of the Week Current Affairs Rounds
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Our Friday Quizzes Have Landed!

The weekend rolls rounds once more and Friday's fresh new quizzes are now up for sale!

3 quiz packs and now 2 current affairs rounds, starting at £1 each!

Quiz Night
Including popular formats such as the quickfire round, the wipeout round, connections and alphabetical order

Quiz of the Week 1
This week, featuring rounds on pop music, sleep and Disney villains...

Quiz of the Week 2
With rounds on toilets, racecourses and computer games, to name a few!

And don't forget the news rounds from these packs can be purchased separately! 

CA846 - Quizzes of the Week
From 2018 Champion's League to James Bond Films

CA847 - Quiz Night
from UK Clothing to DIY Chain Stores

Father's Day Quizzes

Be ahead of the game. Buy your Father's Day quizzes now.

We've got all the quizzes you need, whether it's a full quiz pack, a few trivia rounds, a handout quiz or even a family fortunes game!

See the full collection of Father's Day Quizzes here.

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Friday has wound round again and that means Instant Quizzes has more weekly quizzes for you!

Our notorious Quiz Night and our two Quiz of the Weeks, perfect for any pub quiz or charity night! Not to mention our Current Affairs rounds, a great addition to any regular quiz!

Weekly Quizzes - £4

Current Affairs - £1