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Quiz Night is Sorted!

Need your pub quiz now? No problem, here's three of our best to choose from and they're all available to download instantly!
If you're after a challenge, then check out our Quiz Night pack:
In The News - 10 questions about this week’s headline makers – from The Queen to London Statues (Current Affairs 837)Eyes-  10 questions all about EyesQuickfire Round - Musicals
Alphabetical Order - In this round, all of the answers are in alphabetical orderConnections - 4 questions with a link between all, or part of each answer General Knowledge - the 'Wipeout Round' Buy Quiz Night Here
Want something more casual-friendly? Then pick a Quiz of the Week!
This week's QotW 1:
In The News - 10 questions about things in the news this week (Current Affairs CA836)FilmsHistoryPop MusicArt and LiteratureGeneral - Our 'Wipeout Round' Buy the Quiz of the Week 1 Here
The QofW 2: In The News - 10 questions about things in the news this week (Current Affairs CA836)BlockbustersFilmsMusicRe…

Royal Quizzes for a Royal Arrival

Our favourite Royal mum and dad have a new addition to their family and everyone is talking about him. Mostly we just want to know what to call him! Will it be Arthur, the bookies' favourite? Will it be Albert? Philip? James?

Well, while we're waiting, why not get people to name a few Royal children from births gone by? Our newest picture quizzes feature Royal kids of the century and as usual, they come in a classic set of 20 or a mini group of 10.

All our picture quizzes are available to download instantly and print at your leisure or we can send 15 colour copies by post. Check our website for more info!

Grab a Royal Children Picture Quiz Here

Keep It Simple with an Easier Quiz Pack

Find the average pub quiz too niche? Want something more fun? Then our Easier Quiz Pack is just what you need! 

The quiz features fifty general knowledge questions arranged into 5 rounds and is designed for the average team  to score about 70%. It also includes a bonus picture round on English Food.

Example Questions: 

Citrus fruits are a good source of which vitamin?🍋

Which female singer was Left Outside Alone in 2004?👩

Which of the Great Lakes in North America has the same name as a U.S. state? 💲

Buy an Easier Quiz Pack for £5.50 here

Brand New Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week Packs!

Finally it's the weekend! But before you get in the last of the good weather, make sure you're prepared for next week by getting in your weekly quiz!
We have Quiz Night for the brave, this week with rounds on Current Affairs, The Occult, Quickfire Round - Latin Terms, Alphabetical Order, Connections and General Knowledge.
We have Quiz of the Week 1 for St George's Day celebrations, whose rounds include Current Affairs, English People, English TV, English Sport, Around England and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round!
We have Quiz of the Week 2 for the hardy, with rounds on Current Affairs, The Eurovision Song Contest, Quickfire - TV Characters, Trivia Trail, Nato Alphabet and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round
Buy a weekly quiz for £4 here!
Or if you just looking for a weekly addition to a regular pub quiz - the Current Affairs round from Quiz of the Week 1 & 2 is available separately. 10 questions based on this week's news just for £1!

Weekly Quizzes Galore

Friday means only one things at Instant Quizzes - great new quiz packs.

As usual, we have three to choose from and a news round to keep everything topical.

Our quintessential pub quiz pack, Quiz Night, has three straight question rounds - current affairs, C.G., and funerals, as well as a quickfire round on the commonwealth games, and connections round and a mixed bag wipeout finale to even the playing field!

We also have two Quiz of the Week packs for those hosting more than one quiz in a week or looking for something a little easier.

Quiz of the Week 1: Current Affairs, Good and Bad, Connections, The Four Seasons, Pink and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2: Current Affairs, Number One Hits, Blockbusters, Sex, Davids, Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Buy a Weekly Quiz Pack for £4

The current affairs round for Quiz Night is UNIQUE but the current affairs round for the Quiz of the Week packs is the same and also available to buy on our website for just £1!
e Quiz of the Week p…

Brand New Picture Quizzes Out Now!

The Classic Pic 'n' Mix

Not every picture quiz needs a theme! If you're looking for something for everyone or an interval to complement a General Knowledge quiz then our classic pic 'n' mix is the one for you!

Pick up a P'n'M Picture Quiz for £3

Or go mini with 10 pictures for £1.50

The Top Gear Crowd

People love a logo quiz! Our 2 classic Car Logo picture quizzes are a good mix of everyday motors and exotic automobiles for moments of 'Aha!' and times of 'Hmm...'.

Drive away a Car Logo Picture Quiz for £3

Or go mini with 10 pictures for £1.50

Famous Pauls
A traditional 'place the face' with Paul-twist. Perfect if you're looking for something a little easier or wanting to celebrate any Pauls or Paulas!

Buy this picture quiz for £1.50

Or go classic for 20-pictures for £3

Jools and Julies
Julies and Julias and Julians, oh my!
Try to remember who's who of these
famous Jools! A 'place the face' with
a sparkling difference.

Buy this …

St George's Day Quizzes

Time to throw some toads in the hole and pull a pint of ale for St George's Day is just around the corner. 

And while you're at it, why not put on a Quiz Night for ol' George?

If you're looking for a no-fuss quiz with a variety of rounds and picture quiz to keep the night flowing, then look no further than our St George's Day Quiz Packs - 5 rounds with mini picture round for £5.50 or a bumper 10 rounds with a 20-picture interval round all for just £8.50 🤗

Don't have a quizmaster? Or just want to keep it casual? No problem, we've got handout quizzes too! Just download and print as many as you need. We've got a puzzle quiz, a list quiz and a London Underground cryptic quiz - only £3 each 😍

Just want a picture round? Choose from 20 pictures for £3 or £10 for £2😎

Want to mix and match your own quiz - we sell all our subject rounds separately! £1 for 10 questions! 😃

Want more flexibility, then check out our sister site - http://quiz-creator.instantquizze…

It's Quiz Time Again, Folks!

It's non-stop here at Instant Quizzes and even a long weekend and gorging on chocolate eggs can't keep us off the presses!

We have three brand new quiz packs to keep everyone entertained for this week.

1. Quiz Night
Our ever-challenging quiz is just £4.00 and this week includes:
Current AffairsFoodQuickfire Round - RiversAlphabetical OrderConnectionsGeneral Knowledge 2. Quiz of the Week 1
Looking for something a little easier? Then check out our Quiz of the Week pack:
Current AffairsQuotationsSporting TriviaQuickfire - Madonna Number OnesConnectionsGeneral Knowledge/Wipeout Round 3. Quiz of the Week 2
If you hold more than one quiz, don't worry - we've got you covered. Here's our second Quiz of the Week pack:
Current AffairsScience and NaturePop MusicEnglish KingsBlockbustersMixed Bag/Wipeout Round P.S. You can also buy the Current Affairs round from the Quiz of the Week packs separately for just £1! Click here to see Current Affair Quiz Round CA833 on our website.