I've Got that Friday Feeling... Must Be Quiz Time!

Once more, we bring you our best quiz packs of the week! The classic six rounders, featuring fun formats such as connections, wipeouts and quickfires!

See what Quiz Night and our Quizzes of the Week have to offer this week!

Quiz Night
6 rounds on Current Affairs, Now That's What I Call Music! , Quickfire - Who Was The Oldest, One To Ten, Connections and General Knowledge.

Quiz of the Week 1
6 rounds on Current Affairs, Boxing, Trivia Trail, Ships, High There and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2
6 rounds on Current Affairs, Science, Football Team Birds, Geography, Blockbusters and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Current Affairs CA860
An ideal set of 10 questions for a regular pub quiz night - testing teams on recent events - from Fossil Fuels to Blue Peter Hosts

Current Affairs CA861
An ideal set of 10 questions for a regular pub quiz night - testing teams on recent events - from British Comedy Actors to Guinness World Record Holders.

Robert De Niro Picture Quizzes!

Robert De Niro films to identify!

20 pictures for £3.00 when downloaded or £7.00 by post!

10 pictures - download for £1.50 or by post for £6.00!

Classic Picture Quiz

Mini Picture Quiz - Green

Mini Picture Quiz - Yellow

It's Friday and It's Time for Quiz, Quiz, Quiz!

Are you after the full Quiz Night experience, pitting players against Quick Fire, Connections and Wipeout Rounds? Or maybe you want keep it lighter with a Quiz of the Week? 

Click to see more of what each pack has in store for this week!

Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1 

Quiz of the Week 2

Current Affairs CA858

Current Affairs CA859 

Weekly Quiz Drop!

New Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week Packs!

Check out the links below to see the best of our weekly quizzes for the week starting 6th July 2018!

Quiz Night
This week's subject rounds are: Current Affairs, Royalty, Artists, Ron, Connections and General Knowledge. 

Quiz of the Week 1
Includes rounds on: Current Affairs, Royalty, Sidekicks, Give Us A Clue, Spelling and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round
Quiz of the Week 2
Includes rounds on: Current Affairs, Airports, Fashion, Trivia Trail,  Prime Ministers and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round
Current Affairs CA856From QotW
 A set of 10 questions to test teams on recent events - from Celebrity Splits to Fake Whatsapp Videos. Also in our Quiz of the Week packs for this week.

Current Affairs CA857From Quiz Night
 A set of 10 questions to test teams on recent events - from Bagpuss to the Museum of London. Also in our Quiz Night pack for this week.

Quiz Packs and News Quizzes for 22nd June!

Quiz Night, Quizzes of the Week and Current Affairs

Our best-selling quizzes every week, these quiz packs are the best of our subject rounds this week and each are available at just £4.00 when downloaded.

Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1

Quiz of the Week 2

You can get them for as little as £2.40 if you pre-pay!
Quiz Night Prepaid

Quiz of the Week Prepaid

Or see out Current Affairs quizzes for the week:
Current Affairs CA852 - from Quiz of the Week

Current Affairs CA853 - from Quiz Night

World Cup Quiz Off!

Footie, footie, footie!

It's the only thing on the British mind these days now the World Cup has officially begun so why not ride the hype by throwing a World Cup quiz?

Whether you have a regular pub quiz or just want to do something a little different to draw the punters into your bar, they're  easy to set-up and great value!

Check out our quiz packs or pick 'n' mix your own subject rounds and picture quizzes!

Buy World Cup Quizzes Here


Once again, we bring you our fantastic weekly pub quizzes!

3 full pub quiz packs for £4 each or their separate current affairs rounds for just £1.

*Quiz Night*

*QN Current Affairs*

*Quiz of the Week 1*

*Quiz of the Week 2*

*QotW Current Affairs*