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Our weekly quizzes include Quiz Night, Quiz of the Week 1 and 2, and Current Affairs singles.

Quiz Night for 12th-19th OctoberCurrent Affairs, Fictional Substances,Quickfire Round - Cafes, Tea, Connectionsand a Wipeout Round.
Quiz of the Week 1 for 12th-19th OctoberCurrent Affairs, Video Games, Palaces, Actresses, Clothing and a Wipeout Round
Quiz of the Week 2 for 12th-19th OctoberCurrent Affairs, Health, Flowers, Bottles, Magazines and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

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The weekend is here once more and so it's time to snatch up a new quiz!

Take a look below for links to the newest Quiz Night, Quiz of the Week and Current Affairs Rounds.

Quiz Night | Quizzes of the Week | Current Affairs

Halloween Quizzes!

Something Wicked This Way Comes...
What better way to spice up your Halloween celebrations but with a quiz! From Quiz Packs to Handouts to Subject Rounds - take a closer look at our range below!

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Picture Quizzes
Our classic picture quizzes have 20 scary images to identify, from vampires to…

Friday Quizzes!

Need a quiz this week?

Try one of our Big Three. Our weekly quizzes are perfect for an hour/hour and half's entertainment, including quiz formats such as quickfire rounds, connections and a wipeout finale!

Quiz Night: £4.00
 Current Affairs, TV, Quickfire Round - Cryptic Towns and Cities, Din, Connections and General Knowledge

Quiz of the Week 1: £4.00
Current Affairs, Brown, Connections, Quickfire - Football Teams and Royal Brides, TV Presenters and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round

Quiz of the Week 2: £4.00
Current Affairs, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Oct, Nights and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Or spruce up your own quiz with something newsworthy:

Current Affairs for w/c 28/09: £1.00

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We don't only do Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week! Why not check out our Bumper Quizzes, Quiz Packs, Easy Quizzes, Mini Quizzes and Bingo Quizzes too?

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This week in our Six Rounders:
Quiz Night
Current Affairs, Moon,Quickfire Round - Stars, Sun, Connectionsand General Knowledge. 

Quiz of the Week 1
Current Affairs, Cakes, Americanisms, Names, Pop Music and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2 Current Affairs, Biscuits and Cookies, Connections, Gordon, Diet and Exercise and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round.
Other Quiz Packs:

The Bumper Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Easy Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Mixed Bag Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Mini Quiz

The Bingo Quiz

Not sure how the Bingo Quiz works? Then check out this video!

Bingo Quiz!

If you want to make quizzing a more equal playing field, then a bingo quiz might be for you! 

Players fill in their own sheets in a random order and try to get five correct answers in a line.

A simple but great way to make quizzes more fun for every level of brainbox! If you want to learn a bit more about how this kind of quiz works, then this website has a handy video for you: Pub Quiz Questions - Bingo!

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