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The busiest time of the year is here!

Christmas is the perfect time to get people to a pub quiz so why not see what Christmas quizzes we have to offer?

Christmas Pub Quizzes

It's Friday, Friday, Got Get My Quiz on Friday!

November is drawing to a close and Christmas is on the horizon. As the cold weather descends, it's the perfect time to start a pub quiz!

Every week at Instant Quizzes, we offer three weekly quizzes that you can buy on a pay-as-you-go basis, or get a subscription at a great discount! Check out this week's quizzes below:

30th November Quiz Night
Our most challenging and popular weekly quiz!

30th November Quiz of the Week 1
Worried there's a Quiz Night hosted nearby - let us know and we can check! If there is, no need to panic - that's what QotW1 is for!

30th November Quiz of the Week 2
Your usual quiz a little difficult for the average quizzer? Try QotW2!

30th November Current Affairs Rounds
Just want a bit of the weekly news in your regular quiz? We sell the news rounds from our weekly quizzes separately - grab one now for just £1
Prefer to a bespoke quiz? Then try our sister site: Quiz Writers

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Quiz 'Em on These Festive Scents!

Our most popular smell quiz is back - grab yours now before they're gone!

Each pack comes with ten seasonal scents, from Brandy to Turkey and is delivered within 2-3 working days of your order!

For just £11.99, you could make your Christmas celebrations unforgettable this year! But remember, our smell quizzes are a limited stock and once they're gone, they're gone! Order yours now to avoid disappointment and safe in the knowledge that each smell is guaranteed for 30 days!

The Christmas Smell Quiz - only at Instant Quizzes!

Quizzes of the Week

Friday's rolled round once more!

Check out this week's offering of quizzes below. All our quizzes are available at the click of a button and instantly downloadable. Click on a link below to see what this week's quizzes have to offer!
Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1
Quiz of the Week 2
Current Affairs

St Andrew's Day Quizzes

It's not just all about Robbie Burns, you know!
Friday 30th November is the day of Scotland's patron saint and it's the perfect excuse to celebrate all things Scottish! 
Check out all the printable St Andrew's Day Quizzes that we have at Instant Quizzes!

Quizzing Time Again!

More fantastic quiz rounds in this week's Quiz Night and Quizzes of the Week!

Our three titans are the perfect solution to the mid-week slump, pub quizzes are great at pulling in the crowds - especially as the nights get longer!

See all our Weekly Quizzes

Just get a Current Affairs round

It's Quiz Time!

I don't care if Monday's blue. Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don't care about you. It's Friday I'm in love… with weekly quizzes.

See our three best pub quizzes below, with this week’s subjects for each round!

Quiz Night
Current Affairs, Hunters and Hunting,Quickfire Round - Squares and Circles, Alphabetical Order, Connectionsand General Knowledge

Quiz of the Week 1 Current Affairs, Etiquette, Trivia Trail, Nursery Rhymes, Science and Nature and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2
Current Affairs, Bells, Palindromes, Dead or Alive, Language and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round
Grab a Current Affairs separately and mix it up with a few of a 10-Question Subject Rounds to make your own quiz instantly!

Quiz Writers
Or for even more flexibility, choose Quiz Writers and gethomemade pub quiz in less than five minutes –and don’t forget you can always veto the questions you don’t like!

Pic 'n' Mix Picture Rounds!

Gold 20-Image Pic 'n' Mix Picture Quiz

Grab this brand new mixed bag picture quiz for just £3.00 when bought as instant download. Alternatively get 15 colour copies plus answer sheet through the post for £7.00!

Red 10-Image Pic 'n' Mix Picture Quiz

This is one half of the 20-image pic 'n' mix picture quiz, great if you just want a quick interval round. Download it for instant access for £1.50 or get it by post for £6.00!
Black 10-Image Pic 'n' Mix Picture Quiz
A pro-tip, if you're worried that the 20-image mixed bag picture quiz might be difficult for your quizzers to see, just download two 10-picture quizzes for the price of a 20. (Note: this deal is only for online downloads)
After checkout, you can get the full file, with answers, from your account any time. Once it's yours, it's yours forever. You'll also get an email with the download link included. 

The Big Q.N. and Co.

It's time for those new quizzes again, this week with a little Bonfire twist to keep things festive for the weekend and beyond.

Check out the video to see what's on offer at Instant Quizzes this week!

See all our Weekly Quizzes here

Check out the Current Affairs rounds here

Scare Week Has Arrived

Get Your Last Minute Halloween Quiz Here!

Fresh Halloween Bumper Quizzes and Pic n Mix Picture Rounds just uploaded for this year's celebration of all things spooky! Grab yours now from Instant Quizzes:

See all Halloween

See Halloween Quiz Packs

See Halloween Picture Quizzes

You can also make a unique quiz at Quiz Writers, which has over 300 Halloween quiz questions to be picked and chosen from for only 10p each!

Be a Halloween Quiz Writer
[You'll need a new account if you're a new user]

Musical Picture Quizzes!

Try our brand new picture quizzes, with famous Keyboardists and Drummers to identify - great for any music quiz or just part of a regular quiz for a fun interval round!

Or if those don't tickle your fancy, how about a Place The Face with only the eyes?

Keyboard Players Picture Quiz

Drummers Picture Quiz

Eyes Picture Quiz

Brand New Easy Quizzes!

Get this week's easy subject rounds for just £1!

Choose from History, Film, Geography, Science, Entertainment and more to mix and match your perfect quiz or grab a ready-made pack of 50 Easy Mixed Bag questions for £3.50.
See Our Easy Quizzes Here

Halloween Quizzes!

Something Wicked This Way Comes...
What better way to spice up your Halloween celebrations but with a quiz! From Quiz Packs to Handouts to Subject Rounds - take a closer look at our range below!

Quiz Packs
Make a weekly quiz spookier or throw a charity quiz this Halloween with a Bumper Quiz - 10 rounds of horrifying questions and 20 terrifying celebrity monsters to identify! Only £8.50 by download!
Grab Your Hallowe'en Bumper Quiz

Or, if you want something a bit faster, our classic quiz packs with 5 rounds and a mini picture quiz is ideal and only £5.50 when downloaded!
See More Hallowe'en Quiz Packs

Handout Quizzes
Entertainment for adults or kids, our handout quizzes come in many forms from Puzzle Quizzes to Horror Movie Anagrams! Give them out and let people quiz at their leisure! Download for £3 or get them by post with 15 colour copies for £7.
Investigate Our Hallow'een Handout Quizzes

Picture Quizzes
Our classic picture quizzes have 20 scary images to identify, from vampires to…

Bingo Quiz!

If you want to make quizzing a more equal playing field, then a bingo quiz might be for you! 

Players fill in their own sheets in a random order and try to get five correct answers in a line.

A simple but great way to make quizzes more fun for every level of brainbox! If you want to learn a bit more about how this kind of quiz works, then this website has a handy video for you: Pub Quiz Questions - Bingo!

Interested? Then check out our range of Bingo Quizzes at Instant Quizzes.
Looking for a longer quiz? How about a Big Bingo Quiz Pack?

Happy Quizzing!

Fun Easy Quizzes!

These Easy Subject Rounds are flying off the shelf!

Perfect for any occasion, whether it's charity quizzes, new trivia nights or private events, these make quizzing fun for everyone!

We know not everyone is a brainbox or is a quizzing expert, that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy a quiz night - these Easy Subject Rounds are the ideal solution for a fun evening's entertainment!

Click Here to See All Our Easier Quiz Rounds

Incidentally, if you prefer making your own quizzes, our colleagues at Quiz Writers also offer the option to cherry-pick easy questions for each round!

See More about Quiz Writers Here

New Picture Quizzes

Sweets and Pic n' Mix

Some of our hottest picture quizzes!  Go sugary with our Name the Sweet range or grab one of our bestselling Pic 'n' Mix quizzes - fresh ones added each week to keep it mixed up!

Buy in 20s for £3.00 or buy in 10s for £1.50!

Sweets Picture Quizzes

Pic 'n' Mix Picure Quizzes

Be a Quiz Writer in Seconds!

Introducing the next step in the Quiz Masters evolution - The Quiz Writer.

Forget quiz books; forget old tomes of obscure knowledge; forget scouring Google pages for legitimate sources! From the team at Instant Quizzes, a new way has arrived!

With all the control and none of the fuss, our new Quiz Writer lets you make all the choices. Choose how many rounds and how many questions and watch them generate *in seconds*! Change your topic, switch your difficulty, swap out any question you don't like, all in a matter of moments.

And at 10p a question, what's not to like?

See what it's all about at

Pic n Mix Picture Quizzes!

The perfect complement to any kind of quiz!

Download our classic 20-picture quiz for £3 or go mini for £1.50! Just click on the links below or go to our our homepage!

All products are available to download instantly, either through your account or through an e-mail link and once you've downloaded them, they're yours to use as many times as you like!

Classic 20-Picture Quiz Black

Mini 10-Picture Quizzes


Robert De Niro Picture Quizzes!

Robert De Niro films to identify!

20 pictures for £3.00 when downloaded or £7.00 by post!

10 pictures - download for £1.50 or by post for £6.00!

Classic Picture Quiz

Mini Picture Quiz - Green

Mini Picture Quiz - Yellow

World Cup Quiz Off!

Footie, footie, footie!

It's the only thing on the British mind these days now the World Cup has officially begun so why not ride the hype by throwing a World Cup quiz?

Whether you have a regular pub quiz or just want to do something a little different to draw the punters into your bar, they're  easy to set-up and great value!

Check out our quiz packs or pick 'n' mix your own subject rounds and picture quizzes!

Buy World Cup Quizzes Here

Quizzes for Father's Day!

It's only a week away! Don't forget to be prepared for father's day this year with your themed quiz night!

No matter who or where you are, we've got a great selection to match everyone's needs this father's day.

Father's Day Quiz Packs 

Father's Day Handouts

Father's Day Picture Quizzes

Father's Day Family Fortunes

Father's Day Quiz Questions

Father's Day Quizzes

Be ahead of the game. Buy your Father's Day quizzes now.

We've got all the quizzes you need, whether it's a full quiz pack, a few trivia rounds, a handout quiz or even a family fortunes game!

See the full collection of Father's Day Quizzes here.

A Wedding Quiz for Wedded Bliss

This Saturday is the Big Do of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! 

And why not join in the celebrations with a little Royal quiz. Our themed quiz pack is only £5.50 while our handout quiz is a steal at £3.00!

We also offer 20 and 10-picture quizzes on topics ranging from the Royal Family to famous Megs, just £3 and £1.50 respectively.

Click here for more Royal Wedding Quizzes!

Eurovision Quizzes for the Saturday

Saturday night is all about Eurovision! 

Can SuRie finally dig us out of our dismal past performances? Which country will try for the crazy vote? Will France do anything but a ballad? These are all questions that we don't have the answers for. So how about some that we do?

Add a little nostalgia to the pot with our Eurovision quizzes, from quiz questions to handouts to picture quizzes - we've got a range to suit everyone!

Quiz Questions
10 questions per round, all Eurovision-themed for just £1 each

Handout Quizzes
Choose between a traditional list quiz, with the first letter of each question provided, or a mixed puzzle quiz which includes anagrams, dingbats, connections and many more - buy one for just £3.00!

Picture Quizzes
Identify these past winners or former UK entries to pass this test. You can go classic with 20 pictures per quiz, or mini with just 10. Princes range between £2 - £3.

Royal Quizzes for a Royal Arrival

Our favourite Royal mum and dad have a new addition to their family and everyone is talking about him. Mostly we just want to know what to call him! Will it be Arthur, the bookies' favourite? Will it be Albert? Philip? James?

Well, while we're waiting, why not get people to name a few Royal children from births gone by? Our newest picture quizzes feature Royal kids of the century and as usual, they come in a classic set of 20 or a mini group of 10.

All our picture quizzes are available to download instantly and print at your leisure or we can send 15 colour copies by post. Check our website for more info!

Grab a Royal Children Picture Quiz Here

Keep It Simple with an Easier Quiz Pack

Find the average pub quiz too niche? Want something more fun? Then our Easier Quiz Pack is just what you need! 

The quiz features fifty general knowledge questions arranged into 5 rounds and is designed for the average team  to score about 70%. It also includes a bonus picture round on English Food.

Example Questions: 

Citrus fruits are a good source of which vitamin?🍋

Which female singer was Left Outside Alone in 2004?👩

Which of the Great Lakes in North America has the same name as a U.S. state? 💲

Buy an Easier Quiz Pack for £5.50 here

Brand New Picture Quizzes Out Now!

The Classic Pic 'n' Mix

Not every picture quiz needs a theme! If you're looking for something for everyone or an interval to complement a General Knowledge quiz then our classic pic 'n' mix is the one for you!

Pick up a P'n'M Picture Quiz for £3

Or go mini with 10 pictures for £1.50

The Top Gear Crowd

People love a logo quiz! Our 2 classic Car Logo picture quizzes are a good mix of everyday motors and exotic automobiles for moments of 'Aha!' and times of 'Hmm...'.

Drive away a Car Logo Picture Quiz for £3

Or go mini with 10 pictures for £1.50

Famous Pauls
A traditional 'place the face' with Paul-twist. Perfect if you're looking for something a little easier or wanting to celebrate any Pauls or Paulas!

Buy this picture quiz for £1.50

Or go classic for 20-pictures for £3

Jools and Julies
Julies and Julias and Julians, oh my!
Try to remember who's who of these
famous Jools! A 'place the face' with
a sparkling difference.

Buy this …

St George's Day Quizzes

Time to throw some toads in the hole and pull a pint of ale for St George's Day is just around the corner. 

And while you're at it, why not put on a Quiz Night for ol' George?

If you're looking for a no-fuss quiz with a variety of rounds and picture quiz to keep the night flowing, then look no further than our St George's Day Quiz Packs - 5 rounds with mini picture round for £5.50 or a bumper 10 rounds with a 20-picture interval round all for just £8.50 🤗

Don't have a quizmaster? Or just want to keep it casual? No problem, we've got handout quizzes too! Just download and print as many as you need. We've got a puzzle quiz, a list quiz and a London Underground cryptic quiz - only £3 each 😍

Just want a picture round? Choose from 20 pictures for £3 or £10 for £2😎

Want to mix and match your own quiz - we sell all our subject rounds separately! £1 for 10 questions! 😃

Want more flexibility, then check out our sister site - http://quiz-creator.instantquizze…

Happy Easter

We hope you have a great Easter weekend and take full advantage of the Bank Holidays!

Sadly the weather is forecast to be a bit soggy so if you're staying in this Easter, why not try a quiz to liven things up?
If you're hosting a house party, then try some of our Easter-themed handout quizzes or check out our Easter-themed picture quizzes. Looking for something for the kids? We've got plenty of fun quizzes to keep them entertained.
Are you hosting a traditional quiz night but need some inspiration? We've got plenty of Easter subject rounds at just £1 each. In a rush? We've also got an Easter quiz pack all made up!

Spring into our Easter Quizzes!

Spring is coming, which means bunnies, daffodils and, of course, chocolate eggs in abundance!

This year Easter is April 1st and we're ready with all your themed quiz needs. Quiz Packs, Picture Quizzes, Handout Quizzes and subject rounds to mix and match your own!

The Easter Quiz Pack - £5.50
A 5 round Easter quiz pack with a 10 picture quiz - rounds include: Blockbusters, Egg (All answers contain the word egg), Quickfire Round – The Easter Story (According to The Bible Easter Story who are the people?), Connections, General Knowledge Wipeout Round, and the picture round Easter Eggheads.

The Picture Quizzes - £2.00-£3.00
Celebrity Eggheads, Famous Rabbits, 'Egg'-themed Pics, Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Wrappers - choose from a selection of picture quizzes in sets of 20 and 10 to liven up any quiz night!

The Handout Quizzes - £3.00
We've got Easter Puzzles, the Easter List Quiz and a full quiz night in a handout edition! Each for just £3.00.

Easter Quiz Questions - £1.00
Like y…

Fancy a Pic'n'Mix...? A Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz, that is!

Tired of themed picture quizzes? Just want a nice mix that everyone can enjoy? Then check out our Pic'n'Mixes!

They're fresh every week with a mix of famous faces, films, landmarks, and more! Choose to go classic with 20s or mini with 10s.

Our 20-picture Pic'n'Mix Quiz £3.00
Our 10-picture Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz - Blue Our 10-picture Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz - Green £1.50

Try before you buy with our FREE Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz!

The Price Is Right Quizzes for 2018!

Back by popular demand, we have brand new "The Price Is Right" picture quizzes! 💰✔️🤗

Based on the popular gameshow, in these quizzes, the players have to guess the price of everyday items from UK retailers; from £1-£9 and £10-£100.

Choose from two types of picture quizzes - our classic 20-picture puzzlers for a longer, more challenging round or our mini 10-picture teasers for something quick.

The Classics

The Price Is Right Picture Quiz - PR1797 | The Price Is Right Picture Quiz - PR1798

The Minis

The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2662 | The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2663 The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2664 | The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2665

Brand New Dingbat Quizzes!

Do your quizzers love a puzzle? Want to exercise some lateral thinking? Then pit them against our Dingbat picture quizzes! 

We have sets of 20 or sets of 10, choose either for a interval with difference - guaranteed to cause head-scratching, raised eyebrows and 'told you so's!

20-Dingbat Quizzes

Dingbats (PR1799) | Dingbats (PR1800)

10-Dingbat Quizzes

Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2666) | Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2667) Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2668) | Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2669)

Princes and Princesses Picture Quizzes Now on Sale!

The Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz Series is perfect for children's quizzes or to celebrate the upcoming Royal weddings of the year! 

You can pick and choose from just princes, just princesses or go for a combination of both.

All our quizzes are available to download instantly so you can just click and print from home!
Our Classic 20s - £3.00 each
Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz
Princesses Picture Quiz
Princes Picture Quiz
Our Mini 10s - £1.50 each

Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz (Z2661)

Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz (Z2660)

Princesses Picture Quiz

Princes Picture Quiz

(Please note: our Princes and Princesses combined picture quiz contains pictures from the separate quizzes, so we do not recommend buying all three sets together)

Crufts Quizzes!

8th March is Crufts and everyone will be going dog-crazy!

It's the perfect excuse to host a quiz celebrating Man's Best Friend and we can help you do it.

Check out all our Crufts quizzes here

We've got a Crufts 5-round Quiz Pack at just £5.50 which includes a bonus picture round.

We've got Picture Quizzes from £2, Canine Trivia Rounds and even a Wipeout Round for only £1 if you're just looking for a great way to end a quiz night!

Click here for all picture quizzes

Click here for all trivia quiz rounds

Click here for our wipeout quiz round

St David's Day Quizzes Now on Sale!

What do doves, leeks and daffodils have in common? Well, they might be answers in our Saint David's Day quizzes... 1st of March is St. David's Day so why not have a little Welsh pride and put on a Wales-themed quiz night? We've got everything from full pub quiz packs to single trivia rounds to help you out! Check out our St. David's Day quizzes on our website.

A Full List of Our St. David Products
Quiz Packs - 5-round quizzes with an extra 10-picture round for £5.50!
Picture Quizzes - 20-pictures for £3.00 or 10-pictures for £2.00
Handout Quizzes - A List Quiz or a Puzzle Quiz for just £3.00 - no quizmaster required!
St. David's Fortunes - A Family Fortunes style quiz for St. David's Day and Wales
Trivia Rounds - From Welsh Hills to Welsh Celebrities, these single rounds can be mixed and matched to make your perfect quiz! Just £1 each!