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Quiz Drop!

We don't only do Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week! Why not check out our Bumper Quizzes, Quiz Packs, Easy Quizzes, Mini Quizzes and Bingo Quizzes too?

And all of our quizzes are available to subscribe weekly, at great discounted prices!
This week in our Six Rounders:
Quiz Night
Current Affairs, Moon,Quickfire Round - Stars, Sun, Connectionsand General Knowledge. 

Quiz of the Week 1
Current Affairs, Cakes, Americanisms, Names, Pop Music and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2 Current Affairs, Biscuits and Cookies, Connections, Gordon, Diet and Exercise and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round.
Other Quiz Packs:

The Bumper Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Easy Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Mixed Bag Quiz Pack (includes picture round)

The Mini Quiz

The Bingo Quiz

Not sure how the Bingo Quiz works? Then check out this video!

Bingo Quiz!

If you want to make quizzing a more equal playing field, then a bingo quiz might be for you! 

Players fill in their own sheets in a random order and try to get five correct answers in a line.

A simple but great way to make quizzes more fun for every level of brainbox! If you want to learn a bit more about how this kind of quiz works, then this website has a handy video for you: Pub Quiz Questions - Bingo!

Interested? Then check out our range of Bingo Quizzes at Instant Quizzes.
Looking for a longer quiz? How about a Big Bingo Quiz Pack?

Happy Quizzing!

The Friday Edition - Weekly Quizzes and New Picture Rounds!

Along with our usual weekly offerings, today we've also got brand new picture quizzes to share!

Click below to see them!

Quiz Night
This week including:  Legs, Quickfire - Bodily Gestures, Arm, and Connections.

Quiz of the Week 1
Including rounds on: Martial Arts, Mountains, and Knots!

Quiz of the Week 2
With rounds such:  TV, Music, and Quickfire - Political Terms.

Shakespeare Dingbats
Half-Shakespeare, half-dingbat - can you finish these famous quote?

Sporting Stadiums
One for the sports buffs! What's the name of these renowned stadiums?

Fun Easy Quizzes!

These Easy Subject Rounds are flying off the shelf!

Perfect for any occasion, whether it's charity quizzes, new trivia nights or private events, these make quizzing fun for everyone!

We know not everyone is a brainbox or is a quizzing expert, that doesn't mean we can't all enjoy a quiz night - these Easy Subject Rounds are the ideal solution for a fun evening's entertainment!

Click Here to See All Our Easier Quiz Rounds

Incidentally, if you prefer making your own quizzes, our colleagues at Quiz Writers also offer the option to cherry-pick easy questions for each round!

See More about Quiz Writers Here

It's that Quiz Time of the Week Again

Brand new quiz packs, 6 rounds including a current affairs and a wipeout finale!

Pair one with a picture round from our collection to add a bit of novelty!

The Quiz Packs

Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1

Quiz of the Week 2

The Current Affairs Rounds

From the Quiz Night

From the Quizzes of the Week

Picture Rounds

Pic 'n' Mix Quizzes

Place the Face Quizzes

Entertainment Quizzes

The Quiz Night Pack and Friends!

Once more we bring you our top-rated quizzes, available with brand new rounds every Friday!

Classic 6-round pub quizzes, with varied rounds formats to keep things fun! See the video to see what our Quiz Night and Quizzes of the Week have to offer the week!

Like what you see?

Instant Download Here

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New Picture Quizzes

Sweets and Pic n' Mix

Some of our hottest picture quizzes!  Go sugary with our Name the Sweet range or grab one of our bestselling Pic 'n' Mix quizzes - fresh ones added each week to keep it mixed up!

Buy in 20s for £3.00 or buy in 10s for £1.50!

Sweets Picture Quizzes

Pic 'n' Mix Picure Quizzes

Here We Go Again!

Our biggest quizzes are now out!

The greatest triptych of pub quizzing on the web today is at your fingertips. With subject rounds, news rounds, connection quizzes, quickfire quizzes and wipeout rounds, they're guaranteed to keep a quiz night interesting!

Download one instantly for just £4.00 or join our email subscription to get them delivered automatically every Thursday - starting at just £2.40!

Quiz Night
The rounds for this week are: Current Affairs, Breakfast, Quickfire - Cocktails, Cock Tail, Connections and General Knowledge.

Quiz of the Week 1
Includes rounds on: Current Affairs, Companies, Prime Ministers, Animals, Give Me 5 and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2
Includes rounds on: Current Affairs, Medicine and Health, Films, In Which City..., Connections and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Quiz Night By Email
Quiz of the Week By Email

Current Affairs
Two 10-question "in the news" quiz rounds, taken from the week's headlines, for just £1!

The First Quizzes of August Now on Sale!

This Week's Newest Quiz Packs

Available to download instantly with answer sheets for just £4

Quiz Night
Current Affairs, Card Games, Quickfire - Film Classifications and Types of Blood Vessels, Mixed Bag,Connections and General Knowledge. 

Quiz of the Week 1
Current Affairs, Blockbusters, Science and Nature, Odd One Out, Myths, Fables and Legends and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.
Quiz of the Week 2
Current Affairs, 19th Century, Quickfire - Inventors, Colours, Animals and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Separate Current Affairs

Fancy making your own quizzes instead? Then try our sister site Quiz Writers for the best quiz creator on the web!

Be a Quiz Writer in Seconds!

Introducing the next step in the Quiz Masters evolution - The Quiz Writer.

Forget quiz books; forget old tomes of obscure knowledge; forget scouring Google pages for legitimate sources! From the team at Instant Quizzes, a new way has arrived!

With all the control and none of the fuss, our new Quiz Writer lets you make all the choices. Choose how many rounds and how many questions and watch them generate *in seconds*! Change your topic, switch your difficulty, swap out any question you don't like, all in a matter of moments.

And at 10p a question, what's not to like?

See what it's all about at

Pic n Mix Picture Quizzes!

The perfect complement to any kind of quiz!

Download our classic 20-picture quiz for £3 or go mini for £1.50! Just click on the links below or go to our our homepage!

All products are available to download instantly, either through your account or through an e-mail link and once you've downloaded them, they're yours to use as many times as you like!

Classic 20-Picture Quiz Black

Mini 10-Picture Quizzes


6-Round Quiz Packs for This Week

It's rolled round to that time of the week once more!

Our best weekly quiz packs, now on sale at just £4 each with an option to buy their current affairs round separately for £1!

Quiz Night Quiz Pack

Quiz of the Week 1

Quiz of the Week 2

Current Affairs (from Quiz Night)

Current Affairs (from Quiz of the Week 1 & 2)

I've Got that Friday Feeling... Must Be Quiz Time!

Once more, we bring you our best quiz packs of the week! The classic six rounders, featuring fun formats such as connections, wipeouts and quickfires!

See what Quiz Night and our Quizzes of the Week have to offer this week!

Quiz Night
6 rounds on Current Affairs, Now That's What I Call Music! , Quickfire - Who Was The Oldest, One To Ten, Connections and General Knowledge.

Quiz of the Week 1
6 rounds on Current Affairs, Boxing, Trivia Trail, Ships, High There and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round.

Quiz of the Week 2
6 rounds on Current Affairs, Science, Football Team Birds, Geography, Blockbusters and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round

Current Affairs CA860
An ideal set of 10 questions for a regular pub quiz night - testing teams on recent events - from Fossil Fuels to Blue Peter Hosts

Current Affairs CA861
An ideal set of 10 questions for a regular pub quiz night - testing teams on recent events - from British Comedy Actors to Guinness World Record Holders.

Robert De Niro Picture Quizzes!

Robert De Niro films to identify!

20 pictures for £3.00 when downloaded or £7.00 by post!

10 pictures - download for £1.50 or by post for £6.00!

Classic Picture Quiz

Mini Picture Quiz - Green

Mini Picture Quiz - Yellow

It's Friday and It's Time for Quiz, Quiz, Quiz!

Are you after the full Quiz Night experience, pitting players against Quick Fire, Connections and Wipeout Rounds? Or maybe you want keep it lighter with a Quiz of the Week? 

Click to see more of what each pack has in store for this week!

Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1 

Quiz of the Week 2

Current Affairs CA858

Current Affairs CA859 

Weekly Quiz Drop!

New Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week Packs!

Check out the links below to see the best of our weekly quizzes for the week starting 6th July 2018!

Quiz Night
This week's subject rounds are: Current Affairs, Royalty, Artists, Ron, Connections and General Knowledge. 

Quiz of the Week 1
Includes rounds on: Current Affairs, Royalty, Sidekicks, Give Us A Clue, Spelling and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round
Quiz of the Week 2
Includes rounds on: Current Affairs, Airports, Fashion, Trivia Trail,  Prime Ministers and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round
Current Affairs CA856From QotW
 A set of 10 questions to test teams on recent events - from Celebrity Splits to Fake Whatsapp Videos. Also in our Quiz of the Week packs for this week.

Current Affairs CA857From Quiz Night
 A set of 10 questions to test teams on recent events - from Bagpuss to the Museum of London. Also in our Quiz Night pack for this week.

Quiz Packs and News Quizzes for 22nd June!

Quiz Night, Quizzes of the Week and Current Affairs

Our best-selling quizzes every week, these quiz packs are the best of our subject rounds this week and each are available at just £4.00 when downloaded.

Quiz Night

Quiz of the Week 1

Quiz of the Week 2

You can get them for as little as £2.40 if you pre-pay!
Quiz Night Prepaid

Quiz of the Week Prepaid

Or see out Current Affairs quizzes for the week:
Current Affairs CA852 - from Quiz of the Week

Current Affairs CA853 - from Quiz Night

World Cup Quiz Off!

Footie, footie, footie!

It's the only thing on the British mind these days now the World Cup has officially begun so why not ride the hype by throwing a World Cup quiz?

Whether you have a regular pub quiz or just want to do something a little different to draw the punters into your bar, they're  easy to set-up and great value!

Check out our quiz packs or pick 'n' mix your own subject rounds and picture quizzes!

Buy World Cup Quizzes Here


Once again, we bring you our fantastic weekly pub quizzes!

3 full pub quiz packs for £4 each or their separate current affairs rounds for just £1.

*Quiz Night*

*QN Current Affairs*

*Quiz of the Week 1*

*Quiz of the Week 2*

*QotW Current Affairs*

Quizzes for Father's Day!

It's only a week away! Don't forget to be prepared for father's day this year with your themed quiz night!

No matter who or where you are, we've got a great selection to match everyone's needs this father's day.

Father's Day Quiz Packs 

Father's Day Handouts

Father's Day Picture Quizzes

Father's Day Family Fortunes

Father's Day Quiz Questions

NEW Quiz Packs

Ready for your quiz night? No? Don't worry!

Try one of our quizzes of the week, we've got two to choose from so there's plenty for anyone!

Click here for a quiz on Art and Literature, Toys and Games, Cycling, Spies and more!

Or here for a quiz on Comic Strip Characters, Gardens, Memory, J.B.and more

Or are you looking for something a little more challenging? Then our Quiz Night is for you!
Click here for a quiz that includes Darkness, British Companies and Organisations, Alphabetical Order, Connections and that's just to start!
Or maybe you're just after something current? All our weekly quiz packs include a news round which is available to buy separately - take a look below:
Quiz of the Week Current Affairs Rounds
Quiz Night Current Affairs Rounds

Our Friday Quizzes Have Landed!

The weekend rolls rounds once more and Friday's fresh new quizzes are now up for sale!

3 quiz packs and now 2 current affairs rounds, starting at £1 each!

Quiz Night
Including popular formats such as the quickfire round, the wipeout round, connections and alphabetical order

Quiz of the Week 1
This week, featuring rounds on pop music, sleep and Disney villains...

Quiz of the Week 2
With rounds on toilets, racecourses and computer games, to name a few!

And don't forget the news rounds from these packs can be purchased separately! 

CA846 - Quizzes of the Week
From 2018 Champion's League to James Bond Films

CA847 - Quiz Night
from UK Clothing to DIY Chain Stores

Father's Day Quizzes

Be ahead of the game. Buy your Father's Day quizzes now.

We've got all the quizzes you need, whether it's a full quiz pack, a few trivia rounds, a handout quiz or even a family fortunes game!

See the full collection of Father's Day Quizzes here.

Get Your Quizzes Here!

Friday has wound round again and that means Instant Quizzes has more weekly quizzes for you!

Our notorious Quiz Night and our two Quiz of the Weeks, perfect for any pub quiz or charity night! Not to mention our Current Affairs rounds, a great addition to any regular quiz!

Weekly Quizzes - £4

Current Affairs - £1 

Thank God It's Friday Quizzes!

It's the week of THAT wedding, but those of us not dining at Windsor life grinds on.  Don't worry about your weekly pub quiz though - we've got that sorted for you!

Click on the links below to follow them to our three weekly quiz packs and freshest Current Affairs Rounds!

Quiz Night - 18/05

Quiz of the Week 1 - 18/05

Quiz of the Week 2 - 18/05

Current Affairs 1 (Quiz Night) 

Current Affairs 2 (Quizzes of the Week)

A Wedding Quiz for Wedded Bliss

This Saturday is the Big Do of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! 

And why not join in the celebrations with a little Royal quiz. Our themed quiz pack is only £5.50 while our handout quiz is a steal at £3.00!

We also offer 20 and 10-picture quizzes on topics ranging from the Royal Family to famous Megs, just £3 and £1.50 respectively.

Click here for more Royal Wedding Quizzes!

Eurovision Quizzes for the Saturday

Saturday night is all about Eurovision! 

Can SuRie finally dig us out of our dismal past performances? Which country will try for the crazy vote? Will France do anything but a ballad? These are all questions that we don't have the answers for. So how about some that we do?

Add a little nostalgia to the pot with our Eurovision quizzes, from quiz questions to handouts to picture quizzes - we've got a range to suit everyone!

Quiz Questions
10 questions per round, all Eurovision-themed for just £1 each

Handout Quizzes
Choose between a traditional list quiz, with the first letter of each question provided, or a mixed puzzle quiz which includes anagrams, dingbats, connections and many more - buy one for just £3.00!

Picture Quizzes
Identify these past winners or former UK entries to pass this test. You can go classic with 20 pictures per quiz, or mini with just 10. Princes range between £2 - £3.

New Pub Quiz Packs for 4th May!

Quizzers get ready - our new weekly quizzes are here!

If you like to make you quiz teams work hard then you need our Quiz Night pack - 6 rounds of 10 questions of varying formats and subjects:
Current Affairs,FairsFictional Addresses (A Quickfire Round)Mixed BagA Connections Round General Knowledge. Or are you a more generous quizmaster? Then go for a Quiz of the Week - we have two to choose from:

Current AffairsFilmsProverbs (A Quickfire Round) Magazines Chiefs General Knowledge/Wipeout RoundQotW2:
Current AffairsSmellOrgansBeastly Lyrics (A Quickfire Round) Apes and MonkeysMixed Bag/Wipeout Round
Click here to see all our weekly quiz packs!

You can also buy the two Current Affairs rounds from Quiz Night and the Quizzes of the Week separately for just £1. Buy a Current Affairs quiz now!

Quiz Night is Sorted!

Need your pub quiz now? No problem, here's three of our best to choose from and they're all available to download instantly!
If you're after a challenge, then check out our Quiz Night pack:
In The News - 10 questions about this week’s headline makers – from The Queen to London Statues (Current Affairs 837)Eyes-  10 questions all about EyesQuickfire Round - Musicals
Alphabetical Order - In this round, all of the answers are in alphabetical orderConnections - 4 questions with a link between all, or part of each answer General Knowledge - the 'Wipeout Round' Buy Quiz Night Here
Want something more casual-friendly? Then pick a Quiz of the Week!
This week's QotW 1:
In The News - 10 questions about things in the news this week (Current Affairs CA836)FilmsHistoryPop MusicArt and LiteratureGeneral - Our 'Wipeout Round' Buy the Quiz of the Week 1 Here
The QofW 2: In The News - 10 questions about things in the news this week (Current Affairs CA836)BlockbustersFilmsMusicRe…

Royal Quizzes for a Royal Arrival

Our favourite Royal mum and dad have a new addition to their family and everyone is talking about him. Mostly we just want to know what to call him! Will it be Arthur, the bookies' favourite? Will it be Albert? Philip? James?

Well, while we're waiting, why not get people to name a few Royal children from births gone by? Our newest picture quizzes feature Royal kids of the century and as usual, they come in a classic set of 20 or a mini group of 10.

All our picture quizzes are available to download instantly and print at your leisure or we can send 15 colour copies by post. Check our website for more info!

Grab a Royal Children Picture Quiz Here

Keep It Simple with an Easier Quiz Pack

Find the average pub quiz too niche? Want something more fun? Then our Easier Quiz Pack is just what you need! 

The quiz features fifty general knowledge questions arranged into 5 rounds and is designed for the average team  to score about 70%. It also includes a bonus picture round on English Food.

Example Questions: 

Citrus fruits are a good source of which vitamin?🍋

Which female singer was Left Outside Alone in 2004?👩

Which of the Great Lakes in North America has the same name as a U.S. state? 💲

Buy an Easier Quiz Pack for £5.50 here

Brand New Quiz Night and Quiz of the Week Packs!

Finally it's the weekend! But before you get in the last of the good weather, make sure you're prepared for next week by getting in your weekly quiz!
We have Quiz Night for the brave, this week with rounds on Current Affairs, The Occult, Quickfire Round - Latin Terms, Alphabetical Order, Connections and General Knowledge.
We have Quiz of the Week 1 for St George's Day celebrations, whose rounds include Current Affairs, English People, English TV, English Sport, Around England and a General Knowledge/Wipeout Round!
We have Quiz of the Week 2 for the hardy, with rounds on Current Affairs, The Eurovision Song Contest, Quickfire - TV Characters, Trivia Trail, Nato Alphabet and Mixed Bag/Wipeout Round
Buy a weekly quiz for £4 here!
Or if you just looking for a weekly addition to a regular pub quiz - the Current Affairs round from Quiz of the Week 1 & 2 is available separately. 10 questions based on this week's news just for £1!