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Happy Easter

We hope you have a great Easter weekend and take full advantage of the Bank Holidays!

Sadly the weather is forecast to be a bit soggy so if you're staying in this Easter, why not try a quiz to liven things up?
If you're hosting a house party, then try some of our Easter-themed handout quizzes or check out our Easter-themed picture quizzes. Looking for something for the kids? We've got plenty of fun quizzes to keep them entertained.
Are you hosting a traditional quiz night but need some inspiration? We've got plenty of Easter subject rounds at just £1 each. In a rush? We've also got an Easter quiz pack all made up!

Spring into our Easter Quizzes!

Spring is coming, which means bunnies, daffodils and, of course, chocolate eggs in abundance!

This year Easter is April 1st and we're ready with all your themed quiz needs. Quiz Packs, Picture Quizzes, Handout Quizzes and subject rounds to mix and match your own!

The Easter Quiz Pack - £5.50
A 5 round Easter quiz pack with a 10 picture quiz - rounds include: Blockbusters, Egg (All answers contain the word egg), Quickfire Round – The Easter Story (According to The Bible Easter Story who are the people?), Connections, General Knowledge Wipeout Round, and the picture round Easter Eggheads.

The Picture Quizzes - £2.00-£3.00
Celebrity Eggheads, Famous Rabbits, 'Egg'-themed Pics, Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Wrappers - choose from a selection of picture quizzes in sets of 20 and 10 to liven up any quiz night!

The Handout Quizzes - £3.00
We've got Easter Puzzles, the Easter List Quiz and a full quiz night in a handout edition! Each for just £3.00.

Easter Quiz Questions - £1.00
Like y…

Fancy a Pic'n'Mix...? A Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz, that is!

Tired of themed picture quizzes? Just want a nice mix that everyone can enjoy? Then check out our Pic'n'Mixes!

They're fresh every week with a mix of famous faces, films, landmarks, and more! Choose to go classic with 20s or mini with 10s.

Our 20-picture Pic'n'Mix Quiz £3.00
Our 10-picture Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz - Blue Our 10-picture Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz - Green £1.50

Try before you buy with our FREE Pic'n'Mix Picture Quiz!

The Price Is Right Quizzes for 2018!

Back by popular demand, we have brand new "The Price Is Right" picture quizzes! 💰✔️🤗

Based on the popular gameshow, in these quizzes, the players have to guess the price of everyday items from UK retailers; from £1-£9 and £10-£100.

Choose from two types of picture quizzes - our classic 20-picture puzzlers for a longer, more challenging round or our mini 10-picture teasers for something quick.

The Classics

The Price Is Right Picture Quiz - PR1797 | The Price Is Right Picture Quiz - PR1798

The Minis

The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2662 | The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2663 The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2664 | The Price Is Right Mini Picture Quiz - Z2665

Brand New Dingbat Quizzes!

Do your quizzers love a puzzle? Want to exercise some lateral thinking? Then pit them against our Dingbat picture quizzes! 

We have sets of 20 or sets of 10, choose either for a interval with difference - guaranteed to cause head-scratching, raised eyebrows and 'told you so's!

20-Dingbat Quizzes

Dingbats (PR1799) | Dingbats (PR1800)

10-Dingbat Quizzes

Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2666) | Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2667) Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2668) | Mini Dingbats Quiz (Z2669)

Princes and Princesses Picture Quizzes Now on Sale!

The Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz Series is perfect for children's quizzes or to celebrate the upcoming Royal weddings of the year! 

You can pick and choose from just princes, just princesses or go for a combination of both.

All our quizzes are available to download instantly so you can just click and print from home!
Our Classic 20s - £3.00 each
Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz
Princesses Picture Quiz
Princes Picture Quiz
Our Mini 10s - £1.50 each

Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz (Z2661)

Princes and Princesses Picture Quiz (Z2660)

Princesses Picture Quiz

Princes Picture Quiz

(Please note: our Princes and Princesses combined picture quiz contains pictures from the separate quizzes, so we do not recommend buying all three sets together)

Crufts Quizzes!

8th March is Crufts and everyone will be going dog-crazy!

It's the perfect excuse to host a quiz celebrating Man's Best Friend and we can help you do it.

Check out all our Crufts quizzes here

We've got a Crufts 5-round Quiz Pack at just £5.50 which includes a bonus picture round.

We've got Picture Quizzes from £2, Canine Trivia Rounds and even a Wipeout Round for only £1 if you're just looking for a great way to end a quiz night!

Click here for all picture quizzes

Click here for all trivia quiz rounds

Click here for our wipeout quiz round