I Got That Friday Quizzes Feeling!

Who's got that Friday feeling? We do! Because it's time for our weekly quizzes!

This week in our Quiz Night Pack:
1. Current Affairs
2. Mister
3. Quickfire Round - Four/Five
4. Alphabetical Order
5. Connections
6. General Knowledge
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In the Quiz of the Week - 1
1. Current Affairs
2. Smoking
3, Trees
4. Assassination
5. 'Oh Well!'
6. General Knowledge/Wipeout Round
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In the Quiz of the Week - 2 (our easiest weekly quiz)
1. Current Affairs
2. Art and Literature
3. People
4. Blockbusters
5. Science and Nature
6. General Knowledge
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Remember, if you run a weekly quiz, you can save money by join our mailing list! Pre-pay monthly for Quiz of the Week for just £12.50 and we will automatically send your quiz every Thursday - that's just £3.12 per pack!

You can also buy a Current Affairs round to augment your own quiz for just £1 - 10 questions all on recent events!
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